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Difference Between Esurance, Geico and Progressive Insurance

Purchasing insurance is a big decision for many people. You want to find a policy that meets all of your coverage needs and is within your selected price range. It is important that you receive as much background information as possible from your selected carrier so that you can make an educated and informed decision. If you have previously owned insurance you know that each different carrier has customer service representatives that handle your policy. They are in place to answer any questions that you may have as well as break down the charges you see on your policy. Many of us understand that the customer service departments of insurance carriers are not the same. Some people want to speak to a live person, while others would choose to listen to automated systems.

A recent poll of current Geico insurance customers found that out of one hundred and forty two customers one hundred and twelve people were unsatisfied with their coverage and the customer service from Geico insurance. A mere thirty people with positive comments remained. The comments spanned from bad customer service to unknown charges. It seemed that the customer service representatives did not assist the customers in the ways that they would hope. Geico has a number of different ways that you can gain assistance. Geico, like many insurance providers, has an automated system as well as a way to reach a live person to discuss your questions and concerns. This aforementioned poll also rated the company on a scale of one to ten. They were scored a three point two on issue resolution. What is most concerning is that they only scored a four point seven in the area of friendliness.

Progressive insurance also offers different ways to contact the customer service department. You can choose to use the automated system to pay your bill and other simple transactions. Progressive insurance is known for excellent and friendly customer service. They also offer lower rates than other agencies. You are guaranteed to get the lowest rate possible. You can also hand pick your policy and this is where the customer service agents are truly needed. They are completely helpful in your decision process by making you knowledgeable of your options. The customer service representatives are willing to talk to you and make you feel comfortable with your decision before you purchase a policy. They are available twenty four seven for your convenience.

Esurance is fully online. This carrier is best for those of us who are technologically savvy. You receive a full list of quotes and you can choose online. You can also print off your proof of insurance automatically. There is a full chat service available so you can immediately have your questions answered. You can also call in to speak to a live person as well as use the automated system. This carrier makes it possible to make a decision as big as purchasing insurance easy and fast.

It is known that no one wants to make a decision about purchasing insurance without a friendly staff that can help you with the decision. Customer service is a major deciding factor for many people because they want to know that someone will be there to answer complicated questions that you may have. Customer services with these three companies all have positive aspects.

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